Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sneak peak: Big Picture video series

Will you watch and share this video about increasing the minimum wage?
Dear MoveOn member,

We promised that you would get a sneak peak at the powerful new videos we are producing with Robert Reich, and here it is! We are sending the email below to all MoveOn members later today.

You're part of the reason these videos even exist, and you've made a commitment to share them widely. So please, take a moment to watch the first in our series—"Fight for $15"—and then click "Share" right now.

Thanks for all you do.


Dear fellow MoveOn member,

The fight for a $15 minimum wage just scored a game-changing victory! Yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to raise the wages of fast-food workers across his state.1

This movement is building critical momentum, because no one who works full time should live in poverty.

I recorded a brief video explaining why a $15-per-hour minimum wage makes so much sense. It's the first in my new video series with MoveOn—and it couldn't be more timely.

Please watch and share now: 

The Big Picture: 10 Ideas to Save the Economy

Over the next few weeks, MoveOn and I will bring you more commonsense ideas that could make our economy work for everyone. We'll be relying on you to tell us which ideas you like most by sharing them with your friends and family.

And MoveOn will launch full-blown campaigns—in solidarity with our allies—on the ideas that get the most traction, so make sure to watch and vote—by sharing!

Right now, we're in the middle of a great debate over the future direction of our country. By sharing "Fight for $15" and the rest of the Big Picture videos, you're not only spreading powerful ideas, you're sharing solid intro-primers to the complicated economic issues facing our country, making it simple and easy for everyone—not just political junkies and economists—to get involved.

We don't have Big Media in our corner—so we'll rely on people-powered media to spread our vision for the country. That means you, watching and hitting "Share" on "Fight for $15" right now and helping us get it in front of millions of viewers.


–Robert Reich

 P.S. Cheers to the many tens of thousands of MoveOn members who are active in the Fight for $15 movement—whether you've signed a petition or attended an event in your local community. I salute you!


1. "Andrew M. Cuomo: Fast-Food Workers Deserve a Raise," The New York Times, May 6, 2015

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