Monday, February 5, 2018

Petition updates

Our aspirations and hopes for the nation are reflected in what MoveOn members and partners do—locally and nationally. You'll be inspired by these petition updates.

Dear MoveOn member, 

Our aspirations and hopes for the nation are reflected in what MoveOn members and partners do—locally and nationally.

In the past few months, we've been busy fighting against the Trump agenda, working to rebuild progressive power, and laying the groundwork for victories in 2018. We supported the electoral wins in Virginia and Alabama, took on a fierce fight against the GOP corporate tax giveaway, continued work in solidarity with Dreamers and immigrants under attack, and are organizing to defend the Mueller investigation—including a rapid-response network of more than 700 events and 220,000 participants ready to spring into action if Trump fires Mueller.

Many times, the catalyst for change is a MoveOn member, like you, who starts a petition or signs on to support an issue that's important to them.

With all that we are doing, it's important to reflect on the progress this movement is making, so let's take a look at what MoveOn members and partner organizations have been up to on our petition platform in the past couple of months. 

Standing with families threatened by Trump's cruel deportation regime

After grassroots support from her community, including more than 10,000 signatures on a MoveOn petition, Connecticut resident Nelly Cumbicos will be allowed to stay with her family instead of facing deportation. While it's great news for her family, hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members are still fighting for a Dream Act, equality for same-sex couples, and ending cruel deportations, which destroy many other families. As ICE becomes more emboldened and given extra powers by the Trump administration, it will take all of us to stand up to protect families from being torn apart.

If you know people or communities who are being attacked by the Trump administration's policies, launch a petition now.

Ensuring that Net Neutrality is not dead

Nearly 100,000 MoveOn members have signed Demand Progress' petition to overturn the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality. And thanks to a groundswell of support, the campaign is on the verge of winning a bipartisan victory in the Senate—50 senators have already signed on, and there’s a real chance your additional support will help win this battle by persuading Republicans who are currently undecided.

You can start a petition asking your senators to commit to protecting Net Neutrality or other issues important to you.

Protecting the integrity of the Mueller investigation

Trump and the Republicans stepped up their attacks on the Mueller investigation. They're taking extreme measures against the FBI and Department of Justice and leveraging the so-called "Nunes Memo," which is simply a piece of propaganda designed to undermine the rule of law. More than 140,000 MoveOn members are demanding Speaker Ryan remove Rep. Nunes from this investigation and the House Intelligence Committee.

Start your own petition against government corruption now.

Holding Trump accountable for sexual abuse and harassment

A petition asking the Department of Justice and Congress to investigate Trump’s history of sexual assault and harassment continues to gain massive support. We teamed up with UltraViolet and CREDO to deliver more than 500,000 signatures to Senate Minority Leader Schumer and House Minority Leader Pelosi this week. We’ll keep the pressure up until Congress takes these allegations seriously.

It's empowering to start your own petition to hold people in positions of power accountable for their destructive actions. 

Spotlight: 11 campaign updates you don't want to miss

  • Lawyers for Cyntoia Brown, imprisoned for killing one of her abusers in self-defense, filed paperwork appealing her sentence and seeking clemency. More than 480,000 MoveOn members who signed a petition are hoping for good news in the days ahead.
  • Trump confirmed that he plans to keep the current trophy hunting ban in place after animal advocates, including 180,000 MoveOn members, denounced his administration's plans to lift it.
  • Nearly 40,000 people signed a petition which asked Congress to release testimony from Fusion GPS as part of the investigation into Russian interference in U.S. elections. After massive public pressure, the transcript was released by the House panel.
  • 120,000 of us signed on to a petition from Karine Jean-Pierre—an immigrant, Haitian, and former White House aide who is now a national spokesperson and senior adviser at MoveOn. Her petition called on Congress to condemn Trump’s racist comments about people from Haiti and Africa.
  • MPower Change took the lead on a petition asking Twitter to delete Trump’s account. Over 50,000 people signed, because we agree it's reprehensible for Trump to use the platform to threaten international nuclear war with North Korea, disseminate hateful anti-Muslim videos, condemn a free press, and attack civilians.
  • After Trump cut tens of millions of dollars in funding for refugees, nearly 20,000 of us signed a petition from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), demanding Trump continue supporting "education, healthcare, social services, and emergency protection to refugees in need."
  • Bill Nye (yes, the Science Guy) was at the State of the Union as a guest of anti-science Rep. Jim Bridenstine, who is under consideration to head NASA and looking for ways to boost his reputation. Petitions started by Climate Hawks Vote and other allies asking Nye to skip the address drew widespread support and media attention.
  • Shannon Watts petitioned CNN to feature a State of the Union response from women in the Resistance. Despite 50,000 signatures of support, CNN denied her request. Inspired by the momentum, Shannon and allies decided to stream their own programming!
  • The House introduced the Marijuana Justice Act to accompany a Senate version of the bill. This issue received a great deal of support on multiple petitions, because if passed, it will decriminalize the use of marijuana on the federal level.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda and Power 4 Puerto Rico continue to push Congress to provide relief to the island months after a deadly hurricane hit. Their petition has 209,000 signatures and is growing every day.
  • In New Hampshire, a MoveOn member and organizer delivered hundreds of petition signatures asking the NH Democratic Party to reduce superdelegates by 60% in time for the 2020 primary cycle during the state party’s meeting last week. It drew loud applause from attendees.

Our core values and institutions are under unprecedented attacks, and while it may not seem that petitions will make all the difference, we’re here to inspire each other each day. Resistance doesn't always lead to immediate victory, but it's an important step to take to get our nation headed in the right direction.

Thank you for being an inspiration to us as we continue to move ahead into a crucial 2018 year of opportunity, organizing, and victories!

Will you start your own petition for progressive change now?

Thanks for all you do.

–Maria, Pulin, Alex, Iram, and the rest of the team

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