Thursday, July 25, 2019

Call Rep. Meeks to support impeachment!

This is a critical week to demand Congress act on impeachment. Can you make a call today to get your representative off the sidelines??
Dear MoveOn member,
Yesterday, Robert Mueller told the American people that he did not exonerate Trump of criminal activity. But because Donald Trump is president, accountability is up to Congress.
More than 90 House Democrats support impeachment, but your member of Congress, Representative Gregory W. Meeks, is not calling for impeachment—yet.1 Democratic leaders are reportedly debating what strategy to pursue, which makes this a key moment for more members of Congress to step forward.  
Here's where to call: 
  • Rep. Meeks - (202) 225-3461
Here's an example of what you could say: "Hello! I'm a constituent, I'm concerned about Trump's abuses of power, and I believe Rep. Meeks must call for Congress to open an impeachment inquiry immediately."
Since Mueller's testimony was announced, many House Democrats have been waiting until after Mueller presented his conclusions to update their position on impeachment. Now there's no reason to wait; the time for Congress to act on impeachment has arrived. This is a critical moment when a flood of Democrats, including Rep. Meeks, could come out and shift the tide on impeachment.
Trump is an out-of-control, dangerous man, and he's using the power of the White House to harm us all. He is stirring up racial divisions and violence with his racist attacks and committing human rights atrocities against immigrant families, all while enriching himself, his family, and his donors. 
And he is obstructing every congressional effort to get to the truth—about his obstruction of justice, his family separation policies, his attempts to insert racist questions into the census, the secrets hidden in his taxes, and so much more. It is up to Congress to decide what offenses are impeachable—and to act. Failure to act will erode our Constitution and democracy, proving that the president is above the law and can act with impunity. 
For all these reasons, Democrats need to stand up to stop Trump's abuses—and Democrats have a tool in the Constitution to do just that.
Can you call and ask Rep. Meeks to open an impeachment inquiry today?
Here's where to call:
  • Rep. Meeks - (202) 225-3461
Donald Trump's presidency can make it difficult to identify moments of true political outrage amidst the constant feeling of government-by-chaos. So when our members of Congress are drafting their responses to Mueller's testimony in the coming days, we want to have done everything we can to communicate that they are in the middle of a moment of real political reckoning—and that they had better lead rather than rushing to catch up with their constituents. The case for impeachment is clear. Now Democrats need to know that it's the right thing to do, it's the moral thing to do, and it's the demand of their constituents.
Thanks for all you do.
–David, Jenn, Emma, Chris, and the rest of the team 
1. "Mueller Testimony Could Be Critical Inflection Point for Impeachment Push," NPR. July 23, 2019

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