Monday, July 1, 2019

Join us near Inwood: Protest Trump's child concentration camps

We Are Watching You, Senator Schumer #closethecamps
WHEN Tuesday, July 2, 6:00 PM
WHERE Across from 9 Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, NY
Yes! I'll be there.

Children denied soap and toothbrushes, crowded into unsafe conditions. Separated from their families, subject to cruel treatment that leads to lasting traumas. And some dying in custody—or dying with parents as they cross the Rio Grande.

We've seen the images and heard the stories coming out of child detention centers. Horrifically, these conditions aren't an accident. They are the byproduct of an intentional strategy by the Trump administration to terrorize immigrant communities and criminalize immigration—from imprisoning children in inhumane conditions to threatening widespread raids to break up families to covering up reports of immigrants dying in U.S. custody and abuses by ICE and CBP agents.

This Tuesday, July 2, while members of Congress are home for the Fourth of July holiday, we will gather at their local offices and make our voices heard. Eddie, will you join us?

Yes! I'll be there.
I can't make it, but I'll chip in.

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