Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tell Congress: Support the president's Clean Power Plan

President Obama is implementing tough carbon pollution standards to tackle climate change. But Republicans in Congress are threatening to stop this plan. We need to fight back: tell your member of Congress to support the Clean Power Plan.
Dear MoveOn member,

I'm Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley. President Obama is implementing tough new rules to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants. But Republicans in Congress are threatening the Environmental Protection Agency to try and stop this plan.1

Can you join me in standing up for the president's Clean Power Plan? Click here to tell Congress:

Climate change is a fact. And America must lead the way in addressing it. We call on Congress to support the president's Clean Power Plan.

President Obama's proposed new rule to reduce carbon pollution is exactly what we need.

It's about clean air. Our children's health depends on it.

It's about climate change. The planet is heating up, and we have to reverse it.

It's about time. We must act before it's too late.

Republicans in Congress are peddling junk science, pretending climate change isn't happening, and acting on behalf of the Koch brothers and the coal industry.

Please join me in standing with President Obama—and tell Republicans in Congress to back off.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Senator Jeff Merkley


1. "Move to Fight Obama's Climate Plan Started Early," The New York Times, August 3, 2015

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