Monday, August 3, 2015

URGENT: Senate to vote TODAY to defund Planned Parenthood health centers

Dear MoveOn member,

Senate Republicans have fast-tracked a new bill to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood health centers, and the vote is TODAY at 5:30 p.m.1

Given how deviously effective the attack on Planned Parenthood has been, even a few pro-choice senators who previously supported Planned Parenthood are starting to waver. Every champion, supporter, and undecided senator needs to hear from us today. We need supporters not just to vote right—we need them to speak out loudly to shift the political momentum.

Can you call Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer now? Tell them: "Stand with Planned Parenthood. Vote against the dangerous attack on women's health and rights."

Here's where to call:

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Phone: (202) 224-4451

Senator Charles Schumer
Phone: (202) 224-6542

Then, please report your call by clicking here:

Late last week, an anti-abortion group released its fourth deceptively edited video attacking Planned Parenthood for legally donating tissue—which is used for research into treatments for cancer, diabetes, stroke, and many other diseases.2 And the group says it plans to release a new video every Tuesday for at least the next few months.3

The goals of this Planned Parenthood smear campaign are simple—yet bone chilling: Shut down health centers and ban abortion.

It's not hard to see the group's motivations, given that one of the group's leaders also runs an organization whose members have bombed abortion clinics and assassinated an abortion provider,4 and another of its leaders spent two years in jail for planning a clinic bombing.5

Meanwhile, last week anti-abortion activists also hacked Planned Parenthood's website and published the names and contact information of more than 300 Planned Parenthood employees.6 And they launched illegal cyberattacks that completely shut down Planned Parenthood's and the National Network of Abortion Fund's websites for days, with Planned Parenthood's site still down.7

The Senate GOP has seized on these attacks and skipped the usual process to vote this afternoon on a bill, sponsored by Senators Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and 20 other Republicans, to strip all federal funding from Planned Parenthood—funding that provides women in communities across the country access to affordable cancer prevention screenings, well-woman visits, and birth control.

Enough is enough. Call Sens. Gillibrand and Schumer now. Tell them to stand with Planned Parenthood and reject the attack on women's health and rights.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Phone: (202) 224-4451

Senator Charles Schumer
Phone: (202) 224-6542

Please report your call by clicking here:

Thanks for all you do.

–Vicki, Erica, Milan, Corinne, and the rest of the team


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