Friday, August 7, 2015

Unbelievable. Schumer. War.

Senator Chuck Schumer is on the wrong side of history. Let's make sure he doesn't take any Democratic colleagues with him.
Take the pledge: Commit to withholding contributions from individual Democrats—and from any party committee supporting them—if they succeed in sabotaging President Obama's diplomatic agreement with Iran.

Dear MoveOn member,  

*** We could be starting down the path to a new war in the Middle East—and New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer is to blame. This isn't hyperbole. It's a message to all Democrats in Congress who would dare sabotage diplomacy. Please read on. ***

According to breaking news reports, Sen. Schumer has declared his public opposition to the Iran deal negotiated by the United States and five other world powers—a solid and verifiable diplomatic agreement that is the only way other than war to cut off Iran's pathway to a nuclear weapon.1

Republicans—like those in last night's ten-ring circus of a debate—have made defeating the Obama administration's Iran deal their top priority. But they can only prevail if Democrats join them. And make no mistake, the alternative to the Iran deal is war.

It's outrageous that Sen. Schumer—who's likely to be the next leader of the Senate Democrats—would make this dangerous move. Any Democrat considering joining Sen. Schumer must also be held accountable and must know that he or she too will pay a steep political price for attempting to sabotage the Iran deal.

That's why MoveOn members are pushing forward with an unprecedented donor strike—to get individual donors to pledge to withhold a total of $10 million in donations from any Democrat who joins Sen. Schumer in opposing the historic Iran deal and succeeds in sabotaging diplomacy, as well as from any party committee that supports them.

Can you sign our pledge right now—and agree to withhold your contributions from Democrats who undermine diplomacy and the party committees that support them?

Click here to join MoveOn members in pledging to withhold contributions from Democrats who undermine the president's diplomacy with Iran—and any party committee that supports them. (And when you sign, tell us how much you could give from now through Election Day 2016.)

If Sen. Schumer won't give the Obama administration's diplomacy a chance to work, then he's choosing to side with some of the same Republican war hawks who led us into the Iraq War. And he's breaking with the president to side with reckless members of Congress like Senator Tom Cotton, who's attempted to thwart diplomatic negotiations at every turn, and who believes that bombing Iran is our best option.2

Any Democrat who dares to join Sen. Schumer must see immediately that MoveOn members will fight, not just with our calls to Congress, our petitions, and our rallies—but with our checkbooks and our credit cards. 

Can you pledge to withhold your contributions from pro-war Democrats who undermine President's Obama historic deal—as part of our public and sustained rebuke of Sen. Schumer's actions?

Yes, I'll sign the pledge and commit to withholding my contributions, so Democrats know that putting America on a path to war is completely unacceptable.

Remember, Sen. Schumer has been wrong before. He voted to give President George W. Bush the authority to start the Iraq War.3

That tragic mistake alone should have been enough for the senator. When America went to war in Iraq, it cost us more than $2 trillion.4 Thousands of Americans died and tens of thousands were wounded.5 And at least half a million Iraqis were killed.6

Does Sen. Schumer really want to do that to our nation again—when there is a sound and viable alternative that's supported by renowned national security experts?7

Ready to fight back? Then click here and sign the pledge, and join us.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Joan, Nick, Stephen, and the rest of the team


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