Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why I support the Iran nuclear deal

Will you watch and share a timely video about the Iran nuclear deal and the cost of war?
Dear fellow MoveOn member,

War should always be our last resort.

Diplomacy. Vigorous, muscular diplomacy, like that embodied in the Iran nuclear negotiations, must be what we try first. Always.

There's a terrible cost to waging war—both human and economic. That cost—and why I support the Iran deal—is the subject of my latest video.

Please watch and share "The Cost of War" now: 

Cost of War

America will soon have a generation raised entirely during wartime with no end in sight.

It's just common sense: If diplomacy with Iran is an option—and it is—we must use it.

For the sake of our children. For peace in the world.

Thanks for all you do.

–Robert Reich

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