Friday, October 25, 2019

I've seen what petitions can do

MoveOn members start and sign petitions every day. Learn more about how these people-powered petitions make an impact and and how to start your own campaign.

Dear Eddie, 

My name is Sunjeev Bery, and I love starting petitions.
It's true! As a former MoveOn staff member, I have been behind the scenes to see the power your signatures have in helping build communities, hold people in power accountable, and win campaigns on a range of issues.
But, Eddie, I now run Freedom Forward, an organization dedicated to ending U.S. alliances with dictators, kings, and apartheid governments, and I'm even more impressed with the MoveOn petition platform and resources provided to grassroots activists like us!
In the few months since I started using MoveOn's free petition platform, tens of thousands of people have signed my petitions calling out human rights abusers around the world. We've built an amazing community of MoveOn members and made international headlines since a coalition we are part of pressured the New York Public Library to cancel an event organized by Saudi Arabia's brutal crown prince, Mohammad Bin Salman this fall.
Mobilizing thousands of supporters was amazing, Eddie. And MoveOn members like you didn't stop there. Every time I sent updates about what else petition signers could do, I was encouraged to see positive feedback from people making phone calls, posting on social media, and showing up to events.
I know that MoveOn has limited resources, just as all organizations do, and that's what makes me so excited to talk about the petition platform. This is giving power directly to the people without needing to wait for MoveOn to take the initiative to figure out what's happening in your own community.
Thank you for listening to my story, and good luck with your petition!

 Thanks for all you do. 
–Sunjeev Bery, Freedom Forward

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