Friday, October 18, 2019


Fire Noah Oppenheim and Phil Griffin, and immediately make internal changes to stop the unchecked sexual abuse and cover ups at NBC.

Dear MoveOn member,

Last night, NBC and Comcast announced they will not open another investigation into the rape and abuse allegations against former news host Matt Lauer and the cover-up that followed. They are hoping you, their audience, don't care about survivors so they can continue business as usual.1

Will you sign the petition demanding NBC fire complicit executives and make changes to stop sexual abuse and cover-ups?

This week, we learned the true depth of NBC News and Comcast's depravity in covering up rape and abuse. Former news host Matt Lauer raped one of his NBC News colleagues, Brooke Nevils, but NBC News and Comcast ignored the rape for three years, until more allegations came out and they couldn't protect Lauer anymore.2  

While this news is in the headlines, will you demand that NBC News and its parent company, Comcast, make serious changes that will protect women from sexual abuse and hold perpetrators accountable?

To Comcast and NBC News: Fire Noah Oppenheim and Phil Griffin and immediately make internal changes to stop the unchecked sexual abuse and cover-ups at NBC.

The Lauer cover-up is part of a pattern: NBC News President Noah Oppenheim, one of the execs who refused to hold Lauer accountable, also repeatedly tried to stop the investigation that brought down the notorious Harvey Weinstein. And it's not just the cover-ups; harassment runs rampant at NBC, too. Phil Griffin, the president of NBC News' MSNBC, went into a staff meeting to show off a zoomed-in photo of a female NBC host's vagina.

All this is revealed in a damning new book, written by former NBC reporter Ronan Farrow, which thoroughly recounts the culture of abuse that flourishes at NBC and how execs like Oppenheim refused to publish Farrow's exposé on Weinstein's crimes, which span two decades and include 87 accusers.

NBC and Comcast need to know the public is watching and demanding better. 

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—Shaunna Thomas, UltraViolet


1. "NBC won't authorize outside investigation of Matt Lauer sexual misconduct allegations," USA Today, October 17, 2019

2. "Former NBC staffer accuses Matt Lauer of rape in Ronan Farrow's new book," CNN, October, 10, 2019

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