Thursday, November 12, 2009

23 Democrats

23 Democrats voted to restrict a woman's right to choose and against health care. But Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, an Ohio Democrat in an ultra-competitive race, voted for reproductive choice and for health care reform, despite Republican attacks. We're raising $150,000 for her and other health care heroes, and to get there we need 3 contributions from Inwood. Can you chip in $20?

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Dear MoveOn member,

Saturday night was bittersweet. The House passed sweeping health care reform—but included a severe anti-choice provision in the bill.

23 Democrats voted wrong on both counts, first voting to restrict a woman's right to choose, then siding with Big Insurance to vote against a health care bill they had just succeeded in weakening.1

On the other hand, there were principled Democrats in tough re-election fights who have been under fire from Republicans and the insurance industry for months. They faced intense pressure—first to vote to limit women's access to reproductive choice and then to vote down health care altogether. 

But they didn't give in—they courageously stood up for women and for all Americans who can't afford to wait for health care.

And now they're facing even harsher attacks for their votes. Mary Jo Kilroy and other health care heroes are about to see some of the nastiest attacks against them yet and they need our support. Together we can show that when Democrats stand up and fight, people will stand up with them. 

We need to raise $150,000 for Kilroy and other health care heroes in the next 48 hours. That'll take 3 donations from folks in Inwood. Can you chip in $20? Click here:

In response to this week's email, MoveOn members pitched in funds to launch our biggest ad campaign ever holding Democrats accountable, targeting some of the 23 Democrats who voted wrong. Now we need to show that we'll get the backs of those pro-choice Democrats who cast the deciding votes for health care reform.

That includes Reps. Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire and John Hall of New York, both of whom voted for health care reform and are in competitive races in swing districts.2

Mary Jo Kilroy's Republican opponent, Steve Stivers, is the same candidate she narrowly defeated last year. His strategy? Hope that "urban" turnout declines without Barack Obama on the ballot.3

A former banking lobbyist,4 Stivers can tap special interests to raise millions for his campaign, but Kilroy, who MoveOn members first supported in 2006, is counting on grassroots support from folks like you. 

"We cannot sit back and accept the status quo," she said in declaring her support for the health care bill.5 Let's help her fight for change. Make your contribution now:

Thank you.

–Adam, Wes, Marika, Kat, and the rest of the team


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