Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vigil for health care in Inwood

As we enter the final weeks of the health care fight, conservatives are determined to derail reform with delays. But America can't afford to wait for health care reform. So on December 8th, we're organizing "Cost of Delay" vigils to urge Congress to act. Can you host a vigil in Inwood?

Host a vigil
Dear MoveOn member,

We are so close.

With the Senate poised to start debating its health care bill next week, there's serious momentum behind passing real reform.

But as we enter the home stretch, conservatives are reviving their favorite strategy: trying to delay reform until it's derailed entirely.1

So on December 8th, we're holding our biggest ever health care day of action, organizing hundreds of "Cost of Delay" vigils across the country to remind Congress that Americans simply can't afford to wait for health care reform.

We don't have a vigil in your area yet—can you sign up to host one on December 8th? With the biggest votes of the year just around the corner, this could be our last chance before our senators vote to make sure they hear that voters demand real reform.

Click here to get started:

December 8th will be a huge moment for health reform in this country. Along with hundreds of vigils, we're planning a massive online drive to amplify the vigils with hundreds of thousands of emails, faxes, calls, and other messages to Congress.

And it needs to be big. As we get closer to the big vote, opponents are ramping up their obstructionist tactics. Last week, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch declared a "holy war" on health care, and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made clear the GOP's goal is to drag out debate as long as possible. And unfortunately, some conservative Democrats seem content to play right into their hands.2

On December 8th, we'll remind Congress that Americans want and need real reform this year. Delay is not an option for the 2,500 people going bankrupt per day because of medical costs, the 14,000 losing their health insurance daily, or the millions with no coverage at all.3

We're calling these "Cost of Delay" vigils. At the events, we'll hear from members of the community with personal stories about why they need health care reform, and call on senators to move quickly to pass legislation.

Hosting a vigil is easy. All you need to do is find a nearby congressional office or other public location for people to gather, invite friends, and tell the local media about the event. We'll help you recruit attendees and give you the materials and training you need to hold a great event.

We need as many vigils as possible around the country so that tens of thousands of MoveOn members have the chance to speak out right in their neighborhoods. Can you host a vigil in Inwood? Click here:

Thanks for all that you do.

–Kat, Laura, Ilya, Joan, and the rest of the team


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