Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pill bottles for change

The Senate's health care reform bill was just released, and the first vote is in less than 48 hours. Can you drop a message of support off at Sen. 's office in New York to keep the momentum for reform going? Click here to get the address and all the details.

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Dear MoveOn member,

Health care reform isn't abstract for me. After fighting insurance giant CIGNA for years over treatment for my brain tumor, I follow the news from Washington really closely. And today, Senator Harry Reid unveiled the Senate's bill, which could be voted on as soon as Saturday.

It's going to be an uphill battle. And every vote counts—right now, just one senator could doom reform by voting wrong.

We cannot let that happen. This is too important. This bill contains too many compromises, and I'm going to keep working to strengthen it. But the biggest danger right now is having this bill stall on Saturday. Too many of us cannot afford to wait one minute longer for reform. Our lives depend on it.

Last month, MoveOn members across the country sent me messages in pill bottles for my visit to CIGNA's headquarters. Sen. is a strong supporter of the public option, and in this critical moment, needs to know thousands of us have back and are counting on to keep fighting. Can you stop by Sen. 's office in New York to deliver a message supporting health care reform—in an empty pill bottle, if you have one?

Get the address and all the details by clicking here:

Yes, I'll drop a message off at Sen. 's office

No, but I'd like MoveOn to fax my senators a personalized message for me

If you don't have an empty pill bottle, you can print out a flyer instead, add your personal message, and deliver that. The key thing is that every single senator hears, loud and clear, that we cannot afford to wait any longer for health care reform.

With 14,000 Americans losing health insurance every day, and thousands who have insurance—like me—unable to get the treatment they need, we can't let up the pressure on Congress one bit. When I visited lawmakers in Washington on my way to CIGNA's headquarters, it was the messages people had shared with me in pill bottles that made the biggest impact. So now, when we need to get through to every senator, this is the perfect way to do it.

There's still a ton of work to be done to make sure the final bill has a strong public option, covers as many people as possible, and gives folks the help they need to afford insurance. But in these next few days, the biggest threat is that we could lose all the momentum we've gained since the House passed its bill.

We simply cannot let that happen. So can you drop by Sen. 's office in New York today or tomorrow?

Yes, I can drop by Sen. 's office

No, but I'd like MoveOn to fax my senators a personalized message for me

Thanks for all you do.

–Dawn Smith


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