Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama's big speech tonight

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"President Obama: We need a real plan reduce our dependence on oil, not more offshore drilling and taxpayer handouts to oil companies."

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Dear MoveOn member,

Tonight, President Obama will address the nation in prime time about the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. According to White House aides, he'll call for clean energy legislation to end America's addiction to oil.1

The problem is, the proposals currently in Congress are packed with more offshore drilling and taxpayer handouts to Big Oil—exactly the opposite of what we need.2

This speech is President Obama's best chance to demand a real plan to cut our dependence on oil.

That's why we're launching this petition now—which we'll deliver tonight before the speech—to call on President Obama to clearly reject any legislation that expands offshore drilling or gives taxpayer handouts to oil companies. You can add your name by clicking the link below:


The petition says: "President Obama: We need a real plan reduce our dependence on oil, not more offshore drilling and taxpayer handouts to oil companies."

President Obama is expected to talk about his plan to hold BP accountable, help the Gulf Coast recover, and end our addiction to oil. Those are the right goals. But we've learned that Congress won't stand up to Big Oil unless President Obama leads the way.

For instance, one of the most prominent energy proposals would roll back the Clean Air Act and give incentives for new offshore drilling, essentially bribing states to allow new drilling in areas that are currently protected.3 The bill would also give valuable pollution permits for free to the biggest polluters.4

This moment is a major test of Obama's presidency—and for America. We can't let the Big Oil lobbyists turn the oil spill legislation into another DC insider giveaway.

Can you sign our petition calling on President Obama to demand a real plan to reduce our dependence on oil and reject any legislation larded up with taxpayer handouts to Big Oil or offshore drilling? Add your name by clicking the link below:


Thanks for all you do.

–Steven, Kat, Adam, Joan, and the rest of the team


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