Monday, June 28, 2010

Visit Rep. McCarthy's office in Garden City


MoveOn members are dropping by local congressional offices to deliver copies of our Fight Washington Corruption pledge. Can you help out by visiting Rep. McCarthy's office in Garden City?

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In Memoriam

The thoughts of millions of MoveOn members go out to the family of Sen. Robert Byrd, who passed away last night. Sen. Byrd spoke out passionately against the Iraq War when many others were afraid to do so:
Dear MoveOn member,

Last week over 130,000 members endorsed the "Fight Washington Corruption" Pledge—our people-powered blueprint for reducing the influence of corporations and lobbyists.

The pledge contains 3 big ideas that would transform our democracy. We're launching a major campaign to make them a reality—and starting by getting members of Congress to sign on.  But that'll only happen if they know this matters to lots of their constituents. 

So MoveOn members are dropping by local congressional offices across the country to deliver copies of our Fight Washington Corruption pledge and ask every single member of Congress to sign on.

Can you help make it happen by delivering a copy of the pledge to Carolyn McCarthy's office in Garden City? It's easy to do, and we'll give you all the materials you need. 

Yes, I'll stop by Rep. McCarthy's office in Garden City.

Sorry, I can't do that.

It's really simple to visit your local congressional office. You don't even need an appointment—just stop by and ask to speak with someone about corporate influence in our democracy.

We'll give you a copy of the pledge to print out and a few suggested talking points to help guide your conversation. And don't worry, there's no need to be an expert on the specifics—you can let our people-powered pledge do all the talking. As a reminder, here's what it calls for:

  • Overturn Citizens United: Amend the Constitution to protect America from unlimited corporate spending on our elections by overturning the Supreme Court's decision giving corporations the same First Amendment rights as people.

  • Fair elections now: Pass the Fair Elections Now Act, providing public financing to candidates who are supported by small donors so they can compete with corporate-backed and self-funded candidates.
  • Lobbyist Reform Act: Pass legislation to end the overwhelming influence of corporate lobbyists by: prohibiting individuals from switching from corporate lobbying to government service, or vice-versa, within a 5-year period; stopping corporate lobbyists from giving gifts and providing free travel to government officials; and posting online the attendees and content of all meetings between lobbyists and government officials.

Members of Congress will be home later this week for the Fourth of July recess so it's critical that we act right now and make sure the Fight Washington Corruption pledge is the first thing they hear about when they get home. Can you help by visiting Rep. McCarthy's office?

Yes, I'll stop by Rep. McCarthy's office in Garden City.

Sorry, I can't do that.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilyse, Duncan, Amy, Jeff, and the rest of the team

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