Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An upset victory

Dear MoveOn member,

When I announced that I was taking on Senator Blanche Lincoln in the Democratic primary three months ago, none of the political insiders thought we had a chance.

But together, we've overcome incredible odds. And we're on the verge of victory next Tuesday.

Unlike my opponent, I could never have financed my campaign with huge checks from the Wall Street banks and big insurance companies. That kind of money doesn't go to a Democrat like me.

Instead, I turned to grassroots progressives like you. And you've responded generously, allowing us to wage a competitive campaign that's on the verge of turning the political establishment upside down.

But we've been outspent by more than two-to-one, and we urgently need more funds for our final get-out-the-vote operation. So with the special runoff election in just one week, I'm hoping I can count on your support one more time.

Raising $300,000 will only take 3 donations from folks in Inwood. Can you chip in?

I'm humbled to have you on my side. Thanks for all you do.

–Bill Halter

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