Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's bad--really bad

Republican governors and state legislators are pushing a frightening far-right agenda to slash funding for public education, cut off Medicaid for millions of poor and elderly people, and more. Can you chip in $5 to stop the Republican onslaught in the states?

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Dear New York MoveOn member,

Imagine if tea party Republicans were in charge of everything—without President Obama to veto their worst bills.

That's pretty much the situation in 20 states—almost half the country—and what we're seeing is absolutely horrifying.

Millions of poor and disabled seniors are being dumped from Medicaid. Republican politicians are cutting billions from education. Unions are being attacked on every front. And New York isn't immune from the right-wing tide—the more this stuff passes elsewhere, the easier it is to get traction here.1

The clock is ticking: With just a couple weeks left in many state legislative sessions, Republican politicians across the country are racing to pass the most extreme right-wing bills while they still can.

That's why we've launched a major new initiative to fight back against the worst Republican officials—but we need to raise $200,000 to make sure we have the resources to take on so many fights at once.

Can you chip in $5 right now?

Here's the plan: To take on the right-wing assault in so many different states and communities, we've launched a whole new online organizing platform called allows local progressive organizations and leaders to run their own MoveOn-style campaigns by creating online petitions, sending timely email alerts to their grassroots supporters, and connecting with other local progressives who can help.

By linking MoveOn's online organizing know-how with the best local progressive leaders, we will have the grassroots muscle we need to win. Here are some great examples of SignOn at work: 

  • In Florida, pro-choice Representative Scott Randolph used SignOn to fight back against a raft of bills attacking abortion rights.
  • In Pennsylvania, a coalition of progressive leaders are using SignOn to stop Governor Tom Corbett from cutting one billion dollars from public schools.
  • And in Maine, more than 18,000 people have signed a SignOn petition supporting legislation to allow voters to recall the state's tea party governor, Paul LePage.

But there are so many more fights we need to take on—and the repercussions of these fights go far beyond each state's borders, because a terrible law passed in one state often becomes a model for others, like Arizona's radical anti-immigration law.

It's only with the support of our members that we can follow through on all these key fights.

Click here to chip in $5—or as much as you can

Thanks for all you do.

–Anna, Steven, Adam, Michael, and the rest of the team


1. "Governors are Proposing Further Deep Cuts in Services, Likely Harming Their Economies," Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, March 21, 2011

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