Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ready for a win?

We've got a chance for a huge win in Wisconsin. In just six days, we could kick out six of the state senators who helped Gov. Walker attack working families. But the races are down to the wire. Can you chip in $5 for one last big ad campaign to put us over the top? 

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Dear MoveOn member,

How good would it feel to see a big win for progressives right now—and a devastating defeat for the tea party?

Democrats in Wisconsin are on the verge of just that. And with just six days left in their campaign to recall the Republican state senators who aided and abetted Gov. Walker's vicious attacks on working families, they need our help.

Polling released yesterday shows that it's going to come down to the wire. Democrats are tied or slightly ahead in all six of the races1, but conservative groups like Citizens United and Club for Growth are targeting them with last-minute ads.2

We've got one last ad campaign ready to go, but we need $150,000 to launch it. Can you chip in so we can win these races, show Republicans nationwide that attacking working folks has consequences, and show Democrats that fighting for working families is a winning strategy?

Too many Democrats in Washington are refusing to stand up and fight for working families. But when the radical Republican attacks started in Wisconsin this winter, progressives fought back, and Democrats had their backs.

Thousands took over the state capitol, and hundreds of thousands marched on the streets of Madison. And rather than dismissing that energy, or ignoring it, the Wisconsin 14 left the state for weeks, at great personal cost, to stop Gov. Walker's radical policies.

So with just six days left in this battle, we need to show that progressives can win—not just to stop Gov. Walker, but also to send a message across America that if you fight for us, we'll fight for you. We're partnering with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America to run one last round of ads, but we need $150,000 to launch the campaign.

Click below to chip in via ActBlue to fund one last round of ads:

Thanks for all you do.

Daniel, Julia, Elena, Mark, and the rest of the team


1. "Class warfare in Wisconsin: Are Dems about to make history?" The Washington Post, August 2, 2011

2. "Citizens United hits Wisconsin airwaves in recall election—Ward exits Senate—Lobbyists move into overdrive following debt deal—FairPlayUSA gets some congressional support," Politico, August 1, 2011

"Club for Growth Pumps Money Into WI Recalls," Talking Points Memo, July 26, 2011


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