Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time to put our plan to work

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Contract for the American dream

We are Rebuilding the American Dream

We're sharing and rating our best ideas for actions people can take to turn the Contract for the American Dream into a reality. Click here to join in:


Dear friend,

Over the past month more than a quarter million people have endorsed the Contract for the American Dream. That's a big deal. Progressives are uniting behind a set of real solutions for fixing our broken economy.

We're coming together because the Contract was built by our movement from the ground up. More than 70 outstanding organizations got involved and helped to make it happen. Hundreds of thousands of people took part in crafting the ten-point plan. It's our plan.
But the Contract isn't just an inspiring document. It's a plan to transform our country and it's up to all of us to make it happen. So today we want to open up the door once again and ask for your best ideas for putting the Contract to work.

What are your best ideas for actions people can take to help turn this Contract into a reality?

Submit your best ideas here, and rate ideas from others.
We know that this isn't the way organizations usually run campaigns. But we believe in the brilliance of the American Dream movement more than in any one organization.

It could be that one plank speaks to you and you have a great idea for how to work on it locally. You might want to engage with elected or community leaders to get more people excited about the Contract as a whole. You might have a creative idea about how to use art, music, or video to spread the word.

Over the coming weeks we'll make sure we share the best ideas across our movement and provide the resources and tools so that people just like you can go from inspiration to action as quickly and easily as possible.

Our goal is to see Contract for the American Dream campaigns popping up nationwide in a matter of weeks. From efforts to raise awareness about the Contract itself, to local campaigns on individual Contract planks, to endorsements from community leaders and organizations.

The sky's the limit right now. The more ideas we come up with, the more people who jump in and start spreading the word, the better.

Click here to submit and rate ideas.

Thank you for being a part of, and believing in, this movement.

–Van Jones and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team

P.S. For a refresher, the Contract for the American Dream consists of a simple but powerful ten-point plan:

I. Invest in America's Infrastructure
II. Create 21st Century Energy Jobs
III. Invest in Public Education
IV. Offer Medicare for All
V. Make Work Pay
VI. Secure Social Security
VII. Return to Fairer Tax Rates
VIII. End the Wars and Invest at Home
IX. Tax Wall Street Speculation
X. Strengthen Democracy

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