Thursday, August 16, 2012

1 million jobs. Gone.

You're fired!
(or at least you could be if Romney and Ryan are elected)
Possible reasons for termination:
  •   The Romney-Ryan budget would kill 1 million U.S. jobs in 2013
  •   To give more to the rich, Romney and Ryan would raise taxes on the middle class—tanking the economy and killing jobs
  •   Romney is proposing to give even bigger tax breaks to corporations that outsource jobs
Will you help us share 1 million pink slip messages today so voters know what to expect if Romney and Ryan are elected?
Yes, I can share this!
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the dream ticket for the 1%. But their plan to give even more to the rich would be disastrous for the economy. We're distributing 1 million pink slips this week to show voters just how many jobs Romney and Ryan would cost us in the first year alone. Can you share this pink slip message with everyone you know?
Romney & Ryan: Don't hire them,
unless you want them to fire you.


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