Sunday, September 2, 2012

91% of MoveOn members

Dear MoveOn member,

A couple of months ago, I sat down with leaders of the AFL-CIO for a really hard conversation.

With all the money Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and others are spending to defeat President Obama—we needed to do something truly game changing, or President Obama could really lose this election.

And we decided the only way to beat the GOP money machine was to team up and dig deep in the grassroots to create the biggest independent get-out-the-vote campaign in the country.

So today I'm excited to announce an unprecedented partnership between the AFL-CIO's Workers' Voice and MoveOn's 7 million members to turn out the same progressive voters who swept Obama to victory in '08.

Earlier this summer, 91% of MoveOn members like you voted to "dedicate substantial resources to the presidential race." I believe this plan lives up to that mandate.

But in order to carry it through, we need to raise $325,000 this week to help recruit and support the 400,000 dedicated volunteers we need to power this program.

Can you chip in $5 right now so we can get started?

Yes, I can contribute.



Adam Ruben
MoveOn Political Director

Want to support our work? We're entirely funded by our 7 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

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