Saturday, February 1, 2014

Conservatives don't have anyone this awesome

Dear MoveOn member,

When Heather McGhee's new job was announced this week, Elizabeth Warren called her a "champion." Chris Hayes hailed her as "one of the most impressive, ferociously intelligent, committed, passionate people I've had the great fortune to meet in progressive politics."

And today, we've got an interview with her that will leave you buzzing, too.

If you're concerned about economic inequality or the political power of big money, don't miss this podcast. Heather lays out a new vision of these hidden forces in our politics—and tells her own story in the process. You'll see why, at 33, she was just chosen to become the president of one of America's leading think tanks. And you'll get a new arsenal of argument-winning facts and perspectives about what's really happening in our country.

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The Good Fight with Ben Wikler

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Politicians are finally talking about the crisis of inequality. But they're still not talking about what really caused it. That's why it's so refreshing to hear Heather McGhee, who points out that the economy isn't like the weather—it's not just something that happens. It's shaped by rules, rules written by people.

So the question is, who writes the rules?

Heather McGhee explains these issues with a rare combination of warmth, intellectual rigor, and conviction. And she lays out what can be done to get our system back on the right track. It's like a progressive companion piece to the State of the Union Address, and it's only on The Good Fight—the MoveOn-powered podcast about people changing the world. Click here to hear it on iTunes, and be sure to subscribe!

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I'm a little bit embarrassed to say this. But before I spoke to Heather McGhee, I'd kind of lost hope on getting money out of politics. I was gloomy about the possibility of passing campaign finance reform—and felt like even if we did it, it might not really change anything.

Heather changed my mind. If you're feeling down about where things are headed, listen to what she has to say. You'll not only get an infusion of hope, you'll also meet one of the leading voices that will shape a better future. She's one of the first people from my generation—the millennial generation, born since 1980—to lead a major political institution. And if she's any indication of the next group of leaders in American politics, we've got a lot to look forward to.

Thanks for all you do.


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