Thursday, April 16, 2015

Call Pres. Obama: Strike a blow vs. Citizens United

Dear MoveOn member,

Can you take a moment to call President Obama and ask him to strike a blow against Citizens United? He needs to hear from you today.

Over 500,000 Americans—including more than 100,000 MoveOn members—recently signed a petition asking the president to sign an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose all their political spending, which amounts to potentially hundreds of millions of dollars flowing from some of our nation's biggest corporations into political organizations. Then, two weeks ago, many Americans joined rallies across the country to sound the alarm.1

Now, it's time to call the president directly.

Can you call the White House to support an executive order combating political dark money?

When you call, deliver a message like this: "The president was right when he called for 'better politics' during his State of the Union address. That's why he should use his authority to combat dark money and sign an executive order requiring government contractors to disclose their political spending."

Here's where to call: 855-980-5638
You'll hear a short message about this executive order, then be directed to the White House comments line where you can speak to an operator.

Then, report your call so we can hear your feedback and count you among the thousands of Americans who are speaking out for reducing corporate influence in our political system.

Right now, the country's biggest corporations can funnel millions of dollars into political organizations without disclosing it—and some of these companies are federal contractors, which means they are using taxpayer dollars.2

We have a right to know whom they're donating to and how much. Shining a light on that information may reveal the contours of pay-to-play politics in America and may make CEOs think twice about how they are using their corporate coffers.

The president can take this step with a stroke of his pen—and Republicans in Congress can't stop him.3 But he needs to know that this is what the American people want.

Many of the other organizations that work on getting big money out of politics are asking members to call the White House today—and all of us together can create a clamor so loud that the president and the media will have to pay attention. That's why MoveOn members are joining this action today to help amplify this message—and why we'll stay in this fight against Citizens United for the long haul.

Please call the White House now and help strike a blow against Citizens United.

Please call now:

855-980-5638—which will direct you to the White House comments line.  

Then, click here to tell us about your call.

Thanks for all you do.

Jo, Jadzia, Bobby, Justin K., and the rest of the team


1. "Will Obama Shine Light on Dark Money?" Bloomberg View, April 10, 2015

2. "Dark Money Casts a Sinister Shadow Across the Land," The Huffington Post, March 2, 2015

3. "President Obama Could Unmask Big Political Donors," The New York Times, March 23, 2015

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