Monday, April 6, 2015

Tell us what you think

Dear MoveOn member,

In recent weeks, The Boston Globe, the president of the major labor union Communications Workers of America, the head of Greenpeace USA, and noted anti-Citizens United advocate Lawrence Lessig have all called on Senator Elizabeth Warren to get into the presidential race.

Whether she ultimately decides to run or not, the energy behind the calls for her to run has already put economic inequality squarely in the center of early conversations about the 2016 presidential election.

To build on this momentum, we're thinking about organizing events next month, and we want your opinion on this idea:

Lawrence Lessig—champion of getting money out of politics—announced recently that on April 20 he'll make a major speech in New York City about how we can turn things around in that critical fight and make it a top issue in the 2016 election—and why he believes that Elizabeth Warren running for president is the key. Progressive powerhouses Van Jones and Zephyr Teachout will introduce Lessig at the event, and MoveOn will film the whole thing.

We'll gather in living rooms and community centers to watch the exclusive video of Lawrence Lessig, Van Jones, and Zephyr Teachout. Then, we'll talk about what we can do make sure the 2016 presidential race is about the issues that matter to us.

If we organized events like that next month, how likely would you be to attend a watch party?

Very likely

Somewhat likely  

Not sure

Not very likely  

Not likely at all

Thank you. Your input is extremely valuable.

–Victoria, Matt B., Alejandro, Anna, and the rest of the team

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