Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thank you, Bernie

The Bernie Sanders campaign has been truly extraordinary.

Dear MoveOn member,

The Bernie Sanders campaign has been truly extraordinary. It has upended the conventional wisdom about what's possible politically in America and has inspired millions of people to get involved in their communities. 

Please take a minute today and check out the below infographic celebrating the incredible work MoveOn members have done these last 6 months.

We're also collecting stories and pictures from MoveOn members across the country thanking Bernie for his courageous campaign and we'll deliver them to Bernie later this summer. Click here to submit your picture and thank you message to Bernie. 

The struggle continues. Thanks for all you do. 

—Matt, Ilya, Iram, Emily, Mark, Victoria, and the rest of the MoveOn for Bernie team

How MoveOn members helped power the Bernie Revolution
Our Early Support Helped Bernie Win a Virtual Tie in Iowa and a Landslide Victory in New Hampshire.
We Showed Up in Every State to Make Calls, Knock On Doors, and Host Events.
We Helped Shape the Narrative and We Dominated Social Media.
The Struggle Continues. Thank you, Bernie

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