Friday, June 24, 2016

Watch Now: Why Ohioans stand united against Trump

Trump has insulted, attacked, and incited violence against women, Latinos, Muslims, and more. And he is the face of the Republican Party.

Dear MoveOn member,

The Republican National Convention is setting up shop in Cleveland this summer and, with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, it'll be a showcase of hate and vitriol.

Trump has insulted, attacked, and incited violence against women, Latinos, Muslims, and more. And he's the face of the Republican Party, whose leaders are standing by him in a show of party loyalty over any concern for basic dignity.

Instead of playing into Trump's hands with protests outside the convention, we've got a plan to turn Trump's moment in the spotlight into a way for us to show that regular Ohioans are united against hate. We're running a statewide door-knocking campaign to create neighbor-to-neighbor conversations that can win votes and change this election from the bottom up.

And after the convention, we'll take this campaign national to cities and towns across the country—to empower everyone to connect with their neighbors with a message that we stand united against hate.

Will you watch and share this kickoff video today to get your friends excited about taking down Trump? 

Here's the scoop:

We've partnered with a group called Ohio’s Good Jobs, Strong Communities to launch Ohio Against Hate, a campaign to demonstrate that the hate, bigotry, and division of Donald Trump and of the Republican Party have no place in Ohio and no place in this country.

On July 16, over the weekend before the Republican National Convention, Ohio Against Hate will encourage 100,000 Ohio voters to stand up and speak out against Trump's hate-filled agenda. It will be the largest summertime, neighborhood-based, door-to-door and phone campaign in Ohio history.

Watch this video to hear why mothers, sons, and leaders are getting involved to stand against Trump’s hate and bigotry.

Over the past few weeks, the coalition of Ohio Against Hate has put together a spectacular team of leaders who have already organized volunteers to go door to door and begin having conversations.

Already, two MoveOn Field Directors, Gabby Andrade and Katie Werner, are leading leadership trainings in six different cities throughout Ohio to build up the power and enthusiasm of everyday Ohioans to carry out this important work of uniting their communities.

As this project develops and grows, we can't wait to share the stories of everyday people uniting with their friends, families, and neighbors to stand up to hate and bigotry.

Thanks for all you do.

—Victoria, Ilya, Matt, Iram, and the rest of the team

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