Saturday, February 22, 2014

Another mistake for the Supreme Court?

Dear MoveOn member,

Do you know what McCutcheon v. FEC is? McCutcheon is Citizens United 2.0. Remember that—even if you don't remember anything else from this email. It'd do for wealthy individuals the same thing Citizens United did for corporations—and money would reign.

Shaun McCutcheon is an Alabama coal tycoon who likes to spread his money far and wide.1 McCutcheon's a real-life Raymond Tusk from House of Cards.

In 2012, McCutcheon managed to spend nearly $300,000 on political campaigns—almost three times what an individual can legally contribute—by creating his own political action committee.2 Now, in a case he's argued before the Supreme Court—with support from Republican Senator Mitch McConnell's own legal team—McCutcheon could eliminate some, or even all, of our country's aggregate spending limits for individuals making political contributions.3

This democracy-crippling judgment could come down from the court as soon as next week.4

For more of a primer on McCutcheon and why it's so dangerous, check out this 90-second video to get up to speed—and then share it with a friend or two.

A bad Supreme Court decision in this case would practically legalize corruption. Instead of donating to 18 House races, politician purchasers like McCutcheon and the Koch brothers could donate to 435.

Check out the video above, and spread the word by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Thanks for all you do.

–Mark, Kyle, Matt B., Joan, and the rest of the team

P.S. MoveOn is partnering with Public Citizen and a dozen other advocacy and policy organizations to pull off more than a hundred rapid-response rallies when the Supreme Court issues its decision—whether it's next Monday or next month. Find details for a rally near you. 


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