Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tell Nancy Pelosi: Force a vote on immigration reform!

In the face of Republican stonewalling, Nancy Pelosi has said she's considering using an unusual legislative rules to force a vote on immigration reform in the House this year. MoveOn members have been calling for this for months, and our message is gaining traction! Can you add your name to MoveOn member Amos Lim's petition to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to file a discharge petition to force a vote on immigration reform this year?

Dear MoveOn member,

I'm Amos Lim, a MoveOn member in San Francisco, and I started a petition to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, which says:

Representative Pelosi, in your role as House Minority Leader, you have spoken often about the urgent need to fix our broken immigration law. You have also stated that the country needs to address the fate of the 11 million immigrants and provide a path to citizenship for them through comprehensive immigration reform.

The signers of this petition, along with the combined 15 million members of, America's Voice, 18 Million Rising, We Belong Together, and CREDO Action, call on you to stand strong and take the step that your well-meaning colleagues have not had the courage to.

We badly need a comprehensive immigration reform bill to fix the broken immigration system, and we are tired of waiting while leadership in the House employs stalling tactics to delay the passage of the bill.

Please take the lead in this historic moment by introducing a discharge petition to bring the Senate immigration bill to the House floor if Speaker John Boehner refuses to do it himself.

The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill last June providing a roadmap to citizenship for many immigrants, increased border security, and a way to fix the broken immigration system.

However, since the bill passed the Senate last year, the House has not taken any action to pass a similar bill for comprehensive immigration reform. Speaker of the House John Boehner has insisted that the Senate's bill would never make it to the floor of the House of Representatives and he and his colleagues have made good on this promise.

The good news is that Rep. Pelosi could introduce a discharge petition, gain support from fellow members, and force the House of Representatives to vote on the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Unfortunately, while many House Democrats have voiced support for signing such a discharge petition, none has yet shown the leadership to actually introduce it. We need one brave soul to take the lead.

A coalition of progressive and social justice groups, including, America's Voice, 18Million Rising, We Belong Together, and CREDO Action, have committed to mobilizing our combined 15 million members in support of a discharge petition on comprehensive immigration reform.

We hope you will join us in urging Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to find the courage and leadership needed to introduce a discharge petition and making it possible to bring the Senate immigration legislation to the House floor.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Amos Lim

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