Monday, April 11, 2016

Are you voting for Bernie?

MoveOn for Bernie

Dear New York MoveOn member,

Bernie Sanders has won seven straight contests by double-digit margins, and this week the entire country turns its attention to New York ahead of next Tuesday's critical election.

An amazing 77% of New York MoveOn members who participated in our national endorsement vote chose Bernie. And with 450,000 MoveOn members in New York, we can help Bernie win on Tuesday, April 19—but only if we all show up and vote together!

Will you pledge to vote for Bernie on Tuesday, April 19?

Yes, I pledge to vote for Bernie on Tuesday, April 19!

Bernie's campaign is inspiring record numbers of people to stand together against a political and economic system rigged for the wealthiest Americans, and to demand the real progressive change our country urgently needs. 

We're working with Bernie's New York organizers to collect pledges to get out and vote next Tuesday, April 19. And if they know they can count on you, they can focus their resources on reaching out to other voters who haven't yet made up their minds.

Can we count on you to join fellow New York MoveOn members in voting for Bernie on Tuesday, April 19?

Yes! You can count on me to vote for Bernie on Tuesday, April 19!

Thanks for all you do.

—Justin K., Emily, Bobby, Ann, and the rest of the MoveOn for Bernie team

P.S. You can find more information, including where to vote, at

Want to support our work? We're going all out to help Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination. Polls across the country show that the race is close, so we really can win. But we can't do it without small-dollar donations from people like you. Click here to chip in.

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