Friday, April 22, 2016

He's one of us

Bernie Sanders is my choice, because he's the only candidate who has called for a national fracking ban.

MoveOn for Bernie

Dear MoveOn member,

The climate change and anti-fracking movement's have only one choice in this election: Bernie Sanders. 

For the past eight years, I’ve been part of a growing movement of “fractivists” across the nation who are engaging in the political revolution that Bernie talks about. We’ve been taking action because families who live near fracking wells are suffering from contaminated water, skin and respiratory problems, and, in some cases, seeing tap water that actually catches on fire. 

We know that fracked gas is the worst possible fuel that we can develop for the climate, rivaling even dirty coal in greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve been taking to the streets and refusing to back down, because we know that the future of our planet is at stake. 

Bernie exemplifies our movement’s values of telling the truth and sticking with the science, and he is not beholden to the corporate interests that try to silence those who speak out. Bernie Sanders is my choice, because she's the only candidate who has called for a national fracking ban, he has correctly identified climate change as the biggest national security threat to the United State's, and he doesn't have a Super PAC. In other words, he is one of us.

Bernie's campaign has set a huge goal of making 3.5 million calls to voters before next Tuesday, when voters in five more states go to the polls. Will you sign up to call voters for Bernie this weekend so that we can elect a president who will take on climate change and ban fracking?

The climate change and anti-fracking movements could be the difference in this election. It’s on us, and now we’ve got to get out there and do everything we can to make sure that Bernie wins the Democratic nomination and presidency.

For so long, we’ve been been crying out for a political leader with a chance of winning the presidency to say the kinds of things that Bernie is saying on the national stage—so now it’s our turn to get behind him.

Sign up to call voters for Bernie this weekend as we head into critical primary elections in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Whether this will be your first call or your 500th, please join me in signing up to help Bernie meet his goal of 3.5 million calls to voters this weekend. We've seen what's possible when we join together in actions big and small, and this is our moment to make it happen!

Thank you,

—Josh Fox
Anti-fracking activist, director of Gasland and the new film How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can't Change

Josh Fox

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