Saturday, April 16, 2016

My choice for president

MoveOn for Bernie

Dear MoveOn member,

I’m proud to join with MoveOn as the first U.S. Senator to support my colleague Bernie Sanders for president, because I know he’s the candidate who is boldly and fiercely addressing the biggest challenges facing our country.1

Bernie has spent his life standing up to the powerful special interests and challenging the ways our economy is rigged in favor of those at the very top. He knows that we don’t just need better policies, we need a wholesale rethinking of how our economy and our politics work, and who they serve.

This weekend will be the most important of the campaign to help Bernie win New York. That's why hundreds of New York MoveOn members are going to their local Bernie offices to help get out the vote this Sunday at noon. Here's the nearest event to you. Can you join us this Sunday? 

Where: Long Island West Bernie office (in Garden City) 

When: Sunday, April 17, 12:00 PM

Click here to RSVP and join other MoveOn members this Sunday.

Or click here to find another event near you.

Growing up in working-class Oregon, my parents could buy a home, take a vacation, and help pay for college, all on one income. My dad told me that if I got an education and worked hard, I could do just about anything because we lived in America. He was right.

I still live in the same community where I grew up, but America has gone off track, and the outlook for the kids growing up here is a lot gloomier today. It’s not that our country is less wealthy than it was 40 years ago. The problem is that our economy has become rigged to make a fortunate few very well-off while leaving most Americans struggling to keep up.

As we choose our next president, we need urgency. We need big ideas. We need to rethink the status quo. Bernie is doing just that.

Bernie has opposed trade deals with nations that pay their workers as little as a dollar an hour. He has passionately advocated for pivoting from fossil fuels to renewable energy to save our planet from global warming—the greatest threat facing humanity. Bernie is a determined leader in taking on the concentration of campaign cash from the mega-wealthy that is corrupting our democracy. And he’s been unflinching in taking on predatory lending and threats from high-risk gambles at our biggest Wall Street banks.

Click here to RSVP and join other MoveOn members this Sunday.

Or click here to find another event near you.

Bernie’s vision is one of a country that measures our success not at the boardroom table, but at kitchen tables across America. Bernie Sanders stands for that America, and so I stand with Bernie Sanders for president.

—Senator Jeff Merkley


1. "Why I'm supporting Bernie Sanders," The New York Times, April 13, 2016

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