Friday, October 21, 2016

Eddie, we have to keep the political revolution going

Dear MoveOn member,

Bernie Sanders started a political revolution, and I was proud to stand with him. But to take our revolution forward, we need to win big on Election Day. And if we don't win on November 8, we run the risk of playing defense against right-wing policies instead of making real progress.

That's why I'm asking you to join MoveOn's United Against Hate campaign. Together, we'll make sure that progressive voters in key states turn out to defeat Donald Trump, reject his hateful politics, elect Hillary Clinton, and take back the Senate. 

Our phone lines are open every day through November 8. Will you join us making these critical calls to swing state voters?

Yes, I can make calls to swing state voters right now.

No, I can't call now but I can sign up for a call shift later.

I was the first candidate Bernie Sanders endorsed this year because he and I are in this fight for the same reasons: to take on our rigged economy, give a hand to the struggling middle class, and fight for justice and equality for all Americans. It was incredible to be part of the political revolution that shook up the political establishment, pushed its agenda into the heart of the Democratic Party platform, and inspired a new generation.

Democrats—from Hillary Clinton to Senate candidates in key states to House candidates across the country—are now running on the most progressive platform in history from a major party. But if we want to see progress on any of the issues we care most about, we need to take back the Senate from right-wing obstructionists. And we certainly need to defeat the abusive bully Donald Trump—and beat him so resoundingly that he can't whine about a "rigged election."

The only way that happens is through an authentic, ambitious get-out-the-vote program like MoveOn's plan to knock on 1 million doors, make hundreds of thousands of phone calls, and have personal conversations with fellow progressives about the stakes in this election.

This will take all of us. Are you in?

Yes, I can make calls to swing state voters right now.

I can't call now, but I can make calls another day.

I won't pretend all our problems will be solved on November 8. I'm in the fight for economic, social, and racial justice for the long haul. But I do know that what happens on November 8 will determine if our movement can make real gains in the years ahead. That's why, like Bernie, I'm doing all I can to make sure we defeat Trump and his Republican enablers, elect our first woman president, and take back the Senate so that Bernie and Elizabeth Warren have strong allies in Washington.

I hope you'll join in and do all you can as well.

In solidarity,

—Lucy Flores

P.S. You can also join our MoveOn Text Team to help recruit other members like you to make calls! Click here to sign up.

Want to support MoveOn's work? Even as Hillary Clinton surges in the polls, “down-ballot Democrats are losing ground,” according to the polling wizards at The chance that Democrats win the Senate is essentially a coin flip. We're organizing thousands of volunteers to go door to door in states with critical Senate races to make sure every progressive votes, up and down the ticket. Can you chip in to help make sure we reach our goal of knocking on one million doors?

Click here to chip in $2.70, or whatever you can afford. 

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