Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Everyone Trump has attacked: Unite!

Fund our work to defeat Trump with inspiring election gear from our store.

Dear MoveOn member,

Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked, degraded, and demeaned vast numbers of Americans—women, immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, Black Americans, and more. The video recording of him boasting about sexually assaulting women is just the latest in the flood of hate from him. Let's stand together and defeat Trump and the bigotry he spews.

These new designs by famed designers Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh support our massive voter outreach effort to stop Trump and take back the Senate from Trump's Republican enablers. Click here to check out the shirt and stickers and order some before they’re gone!

United Against Hate shirt and stickers by Sagmeister & Walsh

(If you can't see the image above—it shows the United Against Hate shirt and stickers designed by Sagmeister & Walsh, aimed at helping to defeat Trump. Click here to check them out and place your order.

All contributions received through our election store help fund our huge voter outreach program in the battleground states to stop Donald Trump and the bigotry he promotes, and to elect Democrats to the Senate. The photo below shows some of our passionate organizers and volunteers (some of them wearing shirts from our store!). Get your T-shirts, stickers, buttons, or car magnets for the election—you’ll help support this work and spread the message that we all stand United Against Hate.

MoveOn Election Store helps fund our voter outreach to defeat Trump and elect Hillary

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin K., Tzyh, Ilya, and the rest of the team

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