Friday, November 18, 2016

Eddie, need your input re: Trump

Dear MoveOn member,

In the wake of last week's devastating election, we are developing plans for our work together in the context of a Trump administration and GOP control of Congress.

Our path forward is determined by MoveOn members, so we need to hear your thoughts now.

Will you take a short survey to let us know about the actions you’ve taken since Election Day, how you're feeling, and what actions you would like to see the MoveOn community take togetherin the face of a Trump presidency and Republican control of both houses of Congress?

Click here right now to take a two-minute survey and let us know what you're already doing in response to the election, and what kind of actions you'd like to take with MoveOn in the time ahead.

Millions of us are having acutely important conversations in large and small forums around the country. How will we make our communities safe for everyone already targeted by Trump and his followers? How can we support President Obama in doing everything he can to safeguard the nation prior to leaving office? What is our strategy to halt Trump's dangerous agenda in Washington once he takes office? And, of course, what is the path for progressives to take Congress and state legislatures in 2018, and the presidency in 2020?

Those are the kinds of questions we're wrestling with together.

Hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members are already in motion. We've decried the electoral college, and urged its future reform. We've urged Congress to help block the appointment of Trump's white supremacist chief adviser, Steve Bannon. We've begun calling on local community leaders to resist Trump's "deportation force." And MoveOn members are organizing thousands of different local actions, online forums, and peaceful protests.

Even as we grieve, we're already organizing. And as we organize, we must plan for the road ahead.

MoveOn’s core strength comes from millions of passionate members nationwide. That's why, as we develop our national strategy for the challenges ahead, it’s urgent that we hear from you right now, Eddie.

Please click here to let us know what you're already doing, what you're seeing in your community, and how you want to take action with MoveOn in this new era.

Thanks for all you do.

–Anna, Iram, Mark, Ilya, and the rest of the team

Want to support our work? The MoveOn community will work every moment, day by day and year by year, to contain the damage of Donald Trump's presidency, to defeat hate with love, and to begin the process of swinging the nation's pendulum back towards sanity and decency and the future that we must never give up on. And to do it we need your ongoing support, now more than ever. Will you stand with us?

Yes, I'll chip in $2.70 a month to help MoveOn continue its critical work.

No, I'm sorry, I can't chip in monthly.

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