Thursday, November 17, 2016

[Petition] Stand with undocumented immigrants in Inwood

Undocumented immigrants like me are under attack. Will you add your name and urge mayors across the country to stand with undocumented immigrants in this moment of crisis?
Stand with undocumented immigrants in Inwood and protect sanctuary cities.

Trump has said he will deport millions, and anti-immigrant harassment is already out of control. It is time for all mayors to issue a public statement to declare America's cities and towns as sanctuaries of safety that will not allow local police to do the work of immigration agents, and for mayors to do all they can to stand with immigrant communities.

In a sanctuary city, officials implement policies to restrict local police from turning immigrants over to federal immigration agents and declare in no uncertain terms that immigrants are welcome. Without these measures, undocumented immigrants are left vulnerable to racial profiling, detention, and deportation.



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