Tuesday, May 21, 2019

SURVEY: What would you ask the 2020 candidates face-to-face?

Want me to ask a question of yours to the presidential candidates when I interview them in person next week?

Dear MoveOn member,
Want me to ask a question of yours to the presidential candidates when I interview them in person next week?
As you may have heard, MoveOn is hosting the Big Ideas Forum on June 1 in San Francisco. This is the first time in MoveOn's 20-year-history that we are producing a live, in-person forum with presidential candidates, and we want to make sure that MoveOn members are in the room—as well as the questions, agenda, and ideas from MoveOn members around the country.
Each candidate will have five minutes to present one "big idea"—an ambitious, transformative proposal to tackle the biggest challenges we face as a country. Afterward, my co-moderator Stephanie Valencia and I will have a chance to ask them about this idea, as well as to share other priorities critical to MoveOn members—and I'm committed to bringing at least one question directly from MoveOn members for each of the candidates we meet.
So we need your questions, your priorities, and your big ideas. There's so much to ask about—immigration, foreign policy, criminal justice reform, health care, economic justice, climate change, reproductive justice, and so much more. Tell us what's on YOUR mind. 
MoveOn volunteers and staff will review all the questions, and I'll ask them at the Big Ideas Forum on June 1—and if it's your question, I'll make sure to say your name and where you're from as well.
And be sure to save the date to watch the Big Ideas Forum live! We'll be livestreaming it on Saturday, June 1.
Thanks for all you do.
P.S. Know someone who always has great ideas and would also love to submit a question? Forward them this email!

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