Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can you visit Rep. McCarthy on Wednesday?

Dear MoveOn member,

As of this morning, 145 candidates and members of Congress have signed the Fight Washington Corruption pledge, but your representative, Carolyn McCarthy, still hasn't signed.

Now, 4 owners of small businesses New York's 4th district have signed a letter asking Rep. Carolyn McCarthy to support the pledge.

In it they say:

As small business owners, we have experienced firsthand how too often government seems to work best for those who can pay the most. We believe that small businesses are the backbones of Main Streets across America and we need a government that doesn't work only for the giant corporations that can afford lobbyists and to buy elections.

This letter is a powerful statement of why it's so important that our government works for the other 98% of us and why Rep. McCarthy should sign this pledge. Small business owners carry particular political weight in many districts, so getting this letter to Rep. McCarthy is an important way to encourage her to sign.

Next week is the final week that members of Congress are home in their districts, so we want to make sure this letter gets directly to Rep. McCarthy.

We're looking for a volunteer to drop off a copy of this letter to Rep. McCarthy's local office on Wednesday, September 8. Can you help?

Yes, I'll stop by Rep. McCarthy's office in Garden City on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

Sorry, I can't do that.

Visiting an office to drop off this letter will take just a few minutes—and is a huge help to make sure our representatives get the message directly from concerned constituents that standing with us against corporate influence in Washington means putting Main Street over Wall Street. All you have to do is sign up and print out the final letter to drop off on Wednesday—we'll get you all the materials you need for a successful visit.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilyse, Duncan, Amy, Jeff, and the rest of the team

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