Friday, September 24, 2010

Inwood party to stop the takeover?

Republicans and their corporate allies are hell-bent on taking over Congress—so we're organizing Stop the Takeover call parties during the One Nation weekend of action. We'll call MoveOn members in key districts and ask them to get out the vote. Can you host a party in Inwood on Oct. 2nd or 3rd?

Dear MoveOn member,

In 2008, we did something really tremendous together: More than one million MoveOn members volunteered to help propel then-candidate Obama into office. 

Two years later, the Supreme Court's Citizens United case has broken open the floodgates of corporate cash in elections. Tea party activists are mobilizing. And the New York Times' Nate Silver says Republicans have a 63% chance of taking over the House.1 

We need to kick into high gear again like we did in 2008—or all the progress we've made could be brought to a grinding halt. 

So on October 2nd and 3rd—during the big One Nation weekend of progressive activity—we're organizing a huge wave of Stop the Takeover house parties to save our heroes and defend Congress. At hundreds of gatherings around the country, we'll make calls to other MoveOn members in order to find get-out-the-vote volunteers in key congressional districts. 

We still need a place for folks to gather in Inwood—can you host a party? It's really simple, and we'll give you everything you need. Click here if you can help out: 

These parties are one of the most popular things we do together. Last election, more than 56,000 MoveOn members participated in a call party. We recruited more volunteers from call parties than from any other source. 

And they're very simple. You choose a time on October 2nd or 3rd when you can open up your house for the party. (You can also borrow a friend's house—or reserve a free public space like a library community room—if your home isn't a good location for people to gather.) We'll help invite other MoveOn members, and they'll all bring their cell phones. 

We'll also provide all the materials for you to call MoveOn members who live in areas with key elections happening—to help candidates like Senators Russ Feingold and Barbara Boxer, Representatives Alan Grayson and Tom Perriello, and other less high-profile but incredibly important races that'll decide control of Congress.

We also suggest making it a dessert potluck, so you get to enjoy some treats in addition to your important work! Last election, a lot of folks said that meeting other local progressives was an incredibly rewarding part of hosting.

We need a place for people to get together in Inwood so that other local folks can be part of this campaign. Can you host a party? Click here: 

Thanks for all you do.

–Anna, Ilya, Ryan, Amy, and the rest of the team


1.  "House Forecast Update: Embracing the Uncertainty," The New York Times, September 17, 2010

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