Friday, November 26, 2010

New York's drinking water at risk

New York tap water is at risk from a dirty procedure called "fracking." Will you sign onto a petition urging the New York Assembly to pass the moratorium on fracking before they adjourn for the year?

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Dear MoveOn member,

New York state is famous for its clean, safe drinking water. But if we want to keep it that way, the next few days are crucial. 

Big energy companies want to use a risky drilling process called hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," to extract natural gas from deep beneath New York. They plan to blast millions of gallons of liquid chemicals into the ground in order to get the gas out.

The EPA hasn't even determined whether fracking is safe, and there are reports from Pennsylvania and elsewhere that this drilling can contaminate water in nearby communities—even making tap water catch on fire!1 But drillers are lobbying hard to start fracking.

To stop them, we have to place a moratorium on fracking in New York right away. 

We've got a real shot at it—thanks to citizen pressure, the NY State Senate already passed a moratorium bill this summer. But that can't become law unless the State Assembly also approves it at their final meeting of the year this Monday.

MoveOn and the Working Families Party are teaming up on an emergency petition telling the New York State Assembly to pass this fracking moratorium now, before they adjourn for the year. Will you join me in signing this emergency petition?

The petition says: "The State Assembly needs to protect New York's water RIGHT NOW by passing the moratorium on hydraulic fracture gas drilling before the end of the year." 

We're aiming to gather 50,000 signatures by Monday, when Working Families Party members will deliver the petition to Assembly leaders as they return to Albany for their final meeting of the year.

Clean water is such a fundamental need for every New Yorker, and we've fought hard to ensure that our water is safe and protected from pollution. 

Out-of-control fracking could undo all of that—but if tens of thousands of New Yorkers speak out, our state leaders will have to listen and pass this moratorium. 

Please click here to sign the Working Families Party/MoveOn petition telling New York legislators to fight fracking:

Thank you so much. 

–Justin, Peter, Lenore, Laura, and the rest of the team


1. For instance: "Natural Gas Leak Makes Home's Tap Water Flammable," YouTube video (clip from MSNBC)

"Gulf oil spill worsens—but what about the safety of gas fracking?" Los Angeles Times, June 18, 2010 

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