Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let's do this

Dear fellow MoveOn member, 

I'm writing to you from my home in La Crescenta, CA, where I've been doing some thinking since the debate. President Obama has been carrying a heavy load for all of us for the past four years. He's been doing an almost impossible job given that Republicans have been working against him since day one. Let's do our part!

In the next 31 days, let's get the guy re-elected who passed health care reform (when no other president could, not even Clinton), rescued us from another Great Depression, saved the U.S. auto industry, and on and on. 

So far, I've made almost 600 calls by making 15 calls a day—but now that Obama needs more support to combat Romney's lies, I'm making 100 calls this weekend and at least 25 calls every day after that. 

Can you join me by making 100 calls this weekend?

Yes, I can make 100 calls this weekend!

Not sure about 100, but I'll make calls.

If 200 of us each make 100 calls this weekend, we'll be on track to hit our ambitious call goals and turn out the volunteers we need to make this a successful week. We'll be doing our jobs by helping get out the vote among people who support Obama, but who might need just a little more encouragement to vote. We can't let Mitt Romney and his lies catch up with us in the last month of this campaign. President Obama will win if we turn out the vote—so, let's do this!

–Alexandra H., MoveOn MegaPhone caller

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