Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thought about hosting a call party?

Dear MoveOn member,

Have you considered hosting a 10 Days to Win call party to help this election? We need a party in Inwood so that MoveOn members in the area have a place to call from. 

Unless we throw 1,000 parties between now and election day, thousands of potential swing state volunteers won't get a recruitment call. With 17 days until Election Day and a razor close race, your party can help tip the balance by making sure we don't leave any volunteers behind. Can you host?

Click here to sign up to host call party on Oct. 27 or 28.

For more on how fun and easy it is to throw a party, check out the email below from Stacey H. of Atlanta, who's already hosted three parties and is looking forward to one more!

Thanks for all you do.

–Amy and the rest of the team

The election is tightening up, and we need more volunteers to tip the balance for President Obama. Can you host a call party in Inwood?

Host on Oct. 27 or 28!

Dear MoveOn member,

My name's Stacey H., and I'm a die-hard MoveOn member here in Atlanta, GA. I'm writing to ask you to help win this election.

This election is personal for me. My children are burdened with college debt. My husband is a government employee and union member, and I'm struggling to find work in a housing industry that has collapsed. We're the type of family Romney's policies would hurt.

I'm terrified because the race is basically a toss-up, and a new Gallup/USA Today poll has Romney closing the gap in swing states like Ohio, even among female voters!1

My state is pretty red, but I'm not sitting on the sidelines. I'm on a mission to re-elect President Obama by hosting call parties to help us win in the purple states—Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and others. I've already hosted three parties, and in less than 6 hours of total time, we recruited enough swing state volunteers to fill two campaign offices to the brim—enough to reach upwards of 4,000 voters before Election Day.

If all of us do the same, we'll contact enough voters to tip the balance. So I'm counting on you and fellow MoveOn members to step up for the final stretch by hosting your own party. Next weekend, MoveOn members are throwing hundreds of 10 Days to Win call parties, but there aren't enough parties planned yet. We need a party in Inwood—can you host?

Click here to sign up to host a 10 Days to Win call party on Oct. 27 or 28.

I love it when our party is buzzing with dozens of conversations about what's at stake this election—this is what democracy looks like. We're doing all we can in Atlanta to help turn out voters in battleground states, and I know we're not alone—7 million MoveOn members are fighting for my family and every family in need of a better economy, not Romney's trickle-down approach.

Hosting a call party is as simple as planning a get-together with friends, and they're so worth it. The camaraderie is good for the soul, and we always leave more fired up than when we came in the door. I make it fun by giving the guest who makes the most calls a "top call crown," and when we get a "yes!" on the phone, we ring the party bell and cheer each other on.

We need a party in Inwood to make sure campaign offices in swing states are at capacity for the sprint to November 6. I've gotten all the support and materials I've needed to throw great parties to help me multiply my impact. Can you pitch in and host a party on October 27 or 28?

Click here to sign up to host a 10 Days to Win call party on Oct. 27 or 28.

Thanks for all you do.

–Stacey H., Atlanta, GA

P.S. Can't host a 10 Days to Win party or want to host two parties? Sign up to host the last weekend before the election. Click here to sign up to host a Get Out the Vote call party on Nov. 3 or 4.


1. "Swing States poll: Women push Romney into lead," USA Today, October 15, 2012

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