Saturday, October 6, 2012

Re: That was infuriating

Hi—I wanted to make sure you saw our note from just after the debate. This is an incredible opportunity, and every dollar counts! Can you chip in $5?   

The debate this week was a big win for Romney—unless voters understand all his lies. Chip in $5 to fact-check Mitt's worst lies with voters in swing states.

Chip in $5

Dear MoveOn member,

That was infuriating. 

During this week's presidential debate, Mitt Romney smirked his way through dozens of mischaracterizations, distortions, and outright lies. The moderator, Jim Lehrer, never cut him off. And now the mainstream media is saying that Mitt won the debate. 

We can't let Romney "win" the debate on a boatload of lies. 

He lied about his tax plan, his deficit plan, and Medicare. He lied about what "Obamacare" would do. He lied, baldly and convincingly, about Obama's entire presidency.1 

We need to move quickly to set the record straight. Our online team has been working day and night since the debate preparing a media blitz—including online ads targeted at swing-state voters—correcting the worst lies in an easy-to-share format. 

Chip in $5 to get the truth out—countering Mitt's lies.

If we don't fight back now with the truth, some of those lies will stick, and Romney could pull ahead.

Already, Romney and his Super PAC friends have spent millions on blatantly false ads attacking President Obama for gutting work requirements for welfare and cutting $700 billion from Medicare.

Wednesday night was more of the same. 

And research shows that when lies get repeated enough times people will believe them—no matter how outlandish they might seem. The only way to keep Romney honest is to make sure the facts get corrected on the spot.

We're now in the moment when millions of undecided voters who don't usually pay attention to politics start to focus.

This is it. This is what MoveOn's massive online network is for. Let's use it.

Please chip in $5.

Thanks for all you do.

–Angie, Mark, Lenore, Tate, and the rest of the team 

1. "Presidential Debate Fact-Check and Updates," The New York Times, October 3, 2012


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