Saturday, December 14, 2013

An unkept promise one year after my son's death

Dear New York MoveOn member—The following petition was started by Neil Heslin, whose 6-year-old son Jesse was murdered a year ago today at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Since that tragedy, more than 1.5 million MoveOn members have joined campaigns to reduce gun violence in all 50 states. Click here to add your name to Neil's campaign and weaken the influence of the gun lobby on our politics.

I'm Neil Heslin, a MoveOn member in Newtown, CT, and I started a petition to Stephen Feinberg, CEO of Cerberus Capital Management, which says:

Cerberus: Stop profiting from murder and divest from the maker of the Sandy Hook massacre gun. Uphold the promise you made one year ago and sell Freedom Group.

My son, Jesse, was in first grade—just six years old—when he was killed December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The gun used to kill my son and 19 other children that bright December morning was a Bushmaster XM-15, a civilian version of a military weapon. This gun is a profit center of Freedom Group, which makes Bushmaster and other brands of assault rifles. Cerberus Capital Management owns 94% of Freedom Group and collects the tainted profits.

One year ago, Cerberus made a promise to sell its interests in Bushmaster. But now Cerberus executives are dragging their feet instead of honoring their promise, quietly trying to keep profiting off the assault weapon that killed my son. On September 24th, I went to the company's headquarters in New York to remind the executives about the promise they made, but they ignored my request for a meeting.

Help me make it uncomfortable for investors to profit from gun manufacturers like Freedom Group, to profit from murder.

I ask Cerberus again to cleanse itself of this blood money and uphold its promise to sell off its interests in Freedom Group and Bushmaster, not just in memory of my son, but in the hope of saving lives.

Please join me to make it possible to hold Cerberus accountable. Remember Jesse and sign this petition.

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–Neil Heslin

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