Sunday, May 11, 2014

The most endangered Senator

Will Democrats in close elections change the subject whenever Obamacare comes up—or stand proud for health reform? This week, Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina modeled leadership with an impassioned defense of increasing access to Medicaid through Obamacare. Let's show other Democrats in tight races that this is how you win in November. Can you chip in $3 to support her campaign? 

Chip in $3

Dear MoveOn member,

Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina is in the campaign fight of her life. She's a prime target of the Koch brothers' political hitmen, and she's getting attacked from every which way for supporting Obamacare. By February, the Koch-funded "Americans for Prosperity" had already spent more than $8.2 million attacking Sen. Hagan—that's more than all Democratic outside groups had spent in every Senate race in the country combined.1

If she were listening to the typical D.C. consultants, Sen. Hagan would be distancing herself from President Obama right now and only showing timid support for health care reform.

But this week, Sen. Hagan gave a resounding endorsement of Medicaid expansion during an important confirmation hearing. While a slew of Republican senators put on their typical anti-Obamacare show, Sen. Hagan spoke truth to power about an issue affecting at least 5 million Americans, reminding her fellow public servants that "these are some of the most vulnerable in our society."2

If we reward Sen. Hagan right now, it'll prove that she's not out on a limb by herself—that when it comes to standing up for Medicaid expansion, she's got the backing of millions of progressives. And it'll show other Democrats that despite the advice they're getting from their scared-stiff consultants, that going on offense for Medicaid—and on the benefits of Obamacare overall—will get you serious grassroots support.

This is the moment we've been waiting for—for someone to have a backbone, and set a real example. Now, can you chip in $3 to support Sen. Hagan's strong stance—and help save the Senate?

Let me repeat—this isn't just for Sen. Hagan's benefit. It's to show every wavering Democrat that when you stand strong in support of a good law that's helping millions of people, everyday Americans will be there with you—even if big business isn't.

Seemingly every week, some D.C. news outlet features an article about Democrats losing the Senate this fall. Unfortunately, it's a very real possibility. But what's more unfortunate—what's truly sad—is that thousands of people will die needlessly this year—by one count as many as 17,000—because of the Republican Medicaid Blockade.3

That's why MoveOn members have been saying for months that Democrats can both sound the trumpet for what's morally right—delivering health care to those most vulnerable among us—and attract voters at the same time by campaigning for Medicaid expansion.

Senator Hagan is putting that advice to work. And if we help her prove that it's effective, we can get other embattled candidates to do the same. So let's show them all that their base—the people they desperately need to turn out to the polls this November—will support candidates who do the right thing.

Click here if you can chip in $3 to help Sen. Hagan and MoveOn set an example for wavering Democrats on what it looks like to stand strong for Medicaid expansion.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Corinne, Alejandro, Matt P., and the rest of the team

P.S. We didn't forget—we're wishing a very happy Mother's Day to all the mothers celebrating today!


1. "Koch brothers bombard vulnerable Senate Democrat Kay Hagan," Politico, February 12, 2014

2. "Vulnerable Democrat Gives Stunningly Strong Defense Of Obamacare At Hearing," Talking Points Memo, May 8, 2014

3. "Opting Out Of Medicaid Expansion: The Health And Financial Impacts," Health Affairs Blog, January 30, 2014

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