Sunday, December 7, 2014

Two lesbians raised a baby and this is what he did

Dear MoveOn member,  

Trust me. Take a moment and listen to the first five minutes of this podcast. 

It's the story of Zach Wahls who, when he was 19, gave a speech to defend his family. He was trying to stop a proposed ban on same-sex marriage. His speech was as personal as it gets—because Zach was raised by two moms. 

That speech changed the world. It became one of the most viral political videos ever on YouTube—and for the tens of millions of people who saw it, it ended the myth that gay parents are bad for kids. And after that speech, Zach took on another fight, and changed the world again. 

His story will move you, it will make you want to cheer—and, if you're anything like me or my wife, it will probably make you cry. 

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–Ben Wikler 

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