Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What you did in 2014

Dear MoveOn member,

It's hard to believe 2014 was only one year. 

We faced plenty of darkness. There was new misery in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere around the world. Multiple unarmed Black men were killed by police, igniting anguish and outrage across the country. Millions of Americans went through the year without health care because of Republican officials refusing to expand Medicaid, as Obamacare intended. Millions are still struggling in the face of gaping economic inequality. And of course, there was a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate.

But at the same time, there've been so many reasons to celebrate and to hope. We've seen signs of progress in the fight against climate change—including the biggest protest march on climate in history. President Obama's executive action on immigration will prevent millions of families from being torn apart. The president embraced Net Neutrality, offering hope that we'll retain a free and open internet. There've been real steps toward a lasting diplomatic solution to the long stand-off over Iran's nuclear program. We're seeing a resurgence of civil rights and women's rights movements. And as we begin to debate the future of the Democratic Party and broader country, MoveOn members have joined a massive, hopeful call for Elizabeth Warren to run for President. 
In 2014, MoveOn members fought the darkness—and contributed to those points of light.

This is your work. Hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members chipped in—and we met our budget for the year. Thank you! And beyond donations—we are entirely powered by your time, your actions (from phone calls to petition signatures to events you attend), and your vision for what our country can be. 

MoveOn is you.
With Republicans in power in both the House and the Senate, passing progressive legislation will be an uphill battle in 2015.  But we've already laid down a marker to challenge Republican extremism, embolden Democrats to stand up and fight for our shared priorities, and to run smart and effective advocacy campaigns that can make concrete improvements in people's lives at the local, state, and national level.

Thanks for all you did in 2014—and for all we'll do together in 2015.

With gratitude,
Anna, Ilya, Alejandro, Ben O., Ben W., Bobby, Brian, Corinne, Erica, Jadzia, Jo, Josh, Justin, Manny, Maria, Mark, Matt, Milan, Nick, Robert, Stephen, and Victoria

P.S. Here's that graphic about some of our work in 2014: 

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