Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Join our Thunderclap to close a major gun loophole

Friday is the National Day of Action to urge President Obama to take bold action on guns.

Dear MoveOn member,

There have been 159 school shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre—an average of nearly one shooting every single week—with the latest yesterday at Lecanto High School in Florida.1 And still, Congress has done nothing.

But President Obama may not wait for Congress to act. He's considering an executive action to close a major loophole in our gun laws.

So this Friday, we're joining with other organizations for a National Day of Action to urge President Obama to take bold action on guns now.

Will you join our social media campaign for the National Day of Action by signing up to share our call to action via Twitter to help spread the word and flood the White House with phone calls?

Just click here now to join the Thunderclap, a tool that combines the power of thousands Twitter accounts into a single powerful message.

Here's how it will work: We're partnering with Thunderclap, which empowers a community of activists to share a single message at a specific time. By signing up, you're allowing Thunderclap to post a message to your followers on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr at the same time as hundreds of others—allowing us to reach hundreds of thousands of people in a single moment.

If you join us, Thunderclap will post this message for you at 2 p.m. ET on Friday: "Call #WhiteHouse: 202-456-1111 & tell President #Obama #YesHeCan on #gun action." It will take less than a minute of your time to set up—and it's an effective way to amplify our voices and generate thousands of calls to the president to act boldly now to curb the epidemic of gun violence.

Please join the Thunderclap now to help make progress on gun violence possible.

President Obama has the power to close the loophole that allows criminals to buy guns without background checks from unlicensed, high-volume gun sellers at gun shows and over the Internet—and he's deciding right now whether to act.2

Each year, countless numbers of guns are sold online and at gun shows without background checks. Nearly a quarter of a million gun sales originate from just alone—a single website.3

But the National Rifle Association is doing everything it can to stop President Obama, even promoting messages that threaten "civil war" with Democrats if he moves forward.4

Click here to join our Thunderclap, so together we can enable President Obama to act boldly on guns.

Thanks for all you do.

–Jo, Jayne, Emily, Ben O., and the rest of the team


1. "159 School Shootings In America Since 2013," Everytown for Gun Safety, accessed November 10, 2015

2. "Executive Action to Strengthen Background Checks by Addressing High-Volume Gun Sellers," Center for American Progress, October 15, 2015

3. "Beyond Gridlock: How White House Action on Gun Violence Can Save Lives," Everytown for Gun Safety, October 5, 2015

4. "The NRA Is Promoting An Article Suggesting 'Radical' Democrats Will Be Hanged After Starting A Civil War Over Gun Rights," Media Matters, October 21, 2015

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