Friday, March 25, 2016

Bernie, MoveOn, and me

I'm so proud to have MoveOn's endorsement, and I'm proud to stand with another strong progressive who MoveOn is backing for president—Bernie Sanders.

MoveOn for Bernie

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

Yesterday, MoveOn members in Washington state’s 7th Congressional District voted to endorse my campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives, with a vote of 69% in a three-way race.

I’m so proud to have MoveOn’s endorsement, and I’m proud to stand with another strong progressive who MoveOn is backing for president—Bernie Sanders.

I endorsed Bernie because I’ve lived the American dream that he has spent his life fighting to give all Americans a shot at. At age 16, I came to the United States from India by myself because my parents believed that in the United States I would get the best education and have the brightest future. They were right. Since then I’ve devoted my life to fighting for others to have the opportunities they need to achieve their own dreams—including standing up for Arabs, Muslims, and Sikhs after 9/11 when few people would.

Yet despite the opportunities this country has given me, our system remains rigged to keep everything working well for the top 1% while the other 99% struggle. Bernie Sanders speaks truth to power about these systematic failures. He gets the connection between large corporations, elections, and income inequality, and understands the deep problems with our criminal justice system and civil liberties abuses. 

That's why I'm asking you and MoveOn members across the country to join me and volunteer for Bernie this weekend as we head into the Washington caucuses on Saturday—because every call made, every door knocked on, and every conversation held is critical right now. You can click here to find a place to volunteer near you.

Can't volunteer in person? Click here to make calls to voters from your home.

We need movement builders like Bernie Sanders who understand that our role as elected officials is not only to pass good policy or stop bad policy, but to be the bridge between government and the people. With his political revolution, Bernie Sanders has inspired hope in a whole new generation of activists young and old.

And we’re going to need everyone if we’re going to take on the biggest challenges we’re facing today. People like Donald Trump are whipping up hate and fear across the country, resulting in a rise in anti-Muslim violence. Planned Parenthood is under attack, and corporate and special interests have huge influence in Congress. I’m inspired by the way that Bernie Sanders is fighting to take on the powerful and figure out real solutions, organizing both in the halls of the Capitol and in the streets all over America.

Bernie’s candidacy isn’t just about himit’s about all of us working together to build the movement we need, powered by the grassroots energy of working and middle-class people like us.

Bernie’s vision is one that’s inspired me, and I hope you'll join me and sign up to volunteer for Bernie Sanders this weekend.

Thank you,

Pramila Jayapal
Candidate for U.S. House
Washington’s 7th District

Pramila Jayapal

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