Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stand up for democracy

Dear MoveOn Member,

We are in the midst of a deeply contentious election cycle—as laws that make it harder for Americans to vote proliferate across the country and the undercurrent of money in politics often drowns out the voices of voters.  It’s why we fight so hard for voting rights and against the influence of Big Money. And it’s why we are joining with a group of organizations and activists this spring in a series of actions in Washington, D.C., designed to shore up our democracy.  

This April, thousands of people from across the country are converging in our nation’s capital to demand action from Congress to protect voting rights, get Big Money out of politics, and hold a vote on a Supreme Court nominee.

These people-powered events will kick off on April 2 with Democracy Spring—a 10-day, 140-mile march from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to the Capitol in Washington, followed by peaceful, legal actions in the nation's capital.

This week of action will build toward Democracy Awakeningwhich kicks off on Saturday, April 16 with teach-ins, concerts, and cultural events, followed by a momentous Rally and March for Democracy at the Capitol on Sunday, April 17.

Click here if you are interested in participating April 2-11.

Click here if you are interested in participating April 16-18.

Together, as progressives, we will demand that Congress do its job to protect people’s right to vote, get Big Money out of politics, and hold a vote on a Supreme Court nominee. MoveOn members are familiar with these fights. Hundreds of thousands of us have signed petitions to overturn Citizens United and to call on President Obama to pass an executive order to shine a light on dark money in politics. MoveOn members have invested in campaigns to defend voting rights from attacks across the country. And we will continue to support candidates who champion these issues.

These two mobilizations—led by terrific progressive partners and bringing together thousands of regular Americans from all walks of life and all parts of the country—offer another opportunity for MoveOn members to make sure reclaiming our democracy is at the heart of the conversation this election year.

Thanks for all you do.

—Justin K., Tzyh, Nick, Jo, and the rest of the MoveOn team

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