Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sen. Schumer: No Trump Border Wall

Sen. Schumer needs to hear loud and clear that we will not accept a single dollar for Trump's wall.

Dear MoveOn member,

The Trump shutdown is coming, just in time for the holidays.

Trump is still holding funding hostage for nine federal departments, including pay for over 800,000 workers, as he throws a tantrum to get funding for his hateful and wasteful border wall.1 But now, he's backing off his demand of $5 billion this year and asking Senator Schumer to negotiate a billion dollars or more that Trump would use to pursue his devastating anti-immigrant agenda..

Call 1-844-354-9898 now to tell Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: No compromises. No funding for Trump's border wall or increases in detention beds or border agents.

No one wants a wall. Not voters who turned out in massive waves for candidates who oppose Trump's deportation machine and cruel attacks on immigrants. Not border security experts who say the wall won't work to stop border crossings.2 Not the American people, who have said loud and clear they don't want a shutdown over Trump's border wall.3

Yet, in an effort to compromise with Republicans, Sen. Schumer already agreed to $1.6 billion in "border security" funds which would include wall-like structures.4

Sen. Schumer needs to hear loud and clear that we will not accept a single dollar for Trump's wall. Call him now at 1-844-354-9898 to demand he stay strong and not give in to Trump's tantrum.

No one wants a government shutdown, especially not during the holiday season. Trump's attacks on immigrants and asylum-seekers have no place in the federal budget, and it is on Trump to keep the government open by signing a clean continuing resolution.

Negotiations are happening now. Call Sen. Schumer at 1-844-354-9898 to say you want no compromises. No increases in funding for detention beds, agents, or Trump's hateful and wasteful border wall. Call now, before it is too late.

Thanks for all you do.

–Emma, David, Scott, Jenn, and the rest of the team


1. "Projected Impacts of a Trump Shutdown," Press release from Senator Patrick Leahy, December 12, 2018
2. "This Graphic Shows Why President Trump's Border Wall Won't Stop Immigrants From Crossing," Time, May 16, 2017
3. "Americans Don't Want A Government Shutdown Because Of The Border Wall," FiveThirtyEight, December 14, 2018
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